to Clemson FCA

Have a passion for FCA and are interested in being on the FCA Leadership Team next year?

Spring Break

This spring break FCA is going to serve the city of Indianapolis!


We’re a group of college students passionate about Jesus and reaching our campus.


Get to know us

Thursday Nights

We like to gather. We think something really special happens when a whole bunch of college students come together. Whether you’d call yourself a Christian or not – come hang with us.


We like to have fun. We get together all the time to dance, play sports, hang out… If you attend an event with us, you will have the best day/night of your life. Money back guarantee.

Family Groups

We believe in community. We have small groups we like to call family groups. They’re basically just a bunch of bros or girls who get together often to do bro things and girl things. Kind of like a family. Anyone is welcome!

The Local Church

We believe in the local church. We believe being plugged into a local church body is as important as it gets. It’s our hope that everyone involved with Clemson FCA would have a church home.

Campus Missions

We like our campus. We believe that God isn’t done with Clemson University. All year long we organize opportunities to serve our campus and love on it with all we’ve got. We’d love for you to join us.

Mission Trips

We believe in going. We take two mission trips a year: one international and one domestic. We want to play a role in taking the Gospel to the nations, and we usually wind up growing a little ourselves.

We gather every Thursday at 9:19.

Come join us!