The Events team is a group of people that conceive, plan, and host all FCA social events. This includes first week events, dances, Big Chill (fall retreat), and everything in between. It isn’t necessary to have planning skills or a detail oriented mind, just the willingness to serve and love people. The most important part of an event are the people in attendance. Our priority is learning their name, making them feel welcome, and ultimately just living out the love Jesus has for us. Also, Events is mega fun, crazy hype, and the best experience of your life.


As a member of the production team, you can expect to be part of a team that sets up and tears down on Thursday nights. But not only is this team working to accomplish this task, but working to grow closer to Jesus and glorifying Him through giving Him our very best, and creating an atmosphere where people can encounter God on a Thursday night. If you are at all familiar with technical theater, audio, lighting, or graphics, then this is the team for you. If you may be gifted with technical abilities and want to see how God can use that for His glory, then this team is for you. However, even if you are not at all familiar with anything I’ve said, but want to be a part of a team that serves out of the spotlight to reflect all glory to God, then this team is for you as well! We teach people all the technical things they need to know to serve on this team! #rushproduction #keepfcaweird


The goal of the worship band is to magnify the Lord and lead the people of FCA into an encounter with Him by proclaiming the truth of the gospel in song. Together with the production team, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere that is free of distraction and discomfort, where all are free to praise, be encouraged by, and meet with God both at an intimate and personal level as well as communally with our body of believers. On a practical level, serving with the worship band includes practicing songs on your own time, weekly rehearsals where we run through that week’s setlist, showing up to FCA early on Thursdays for a pre-service run-through, and finally playing the setlist during our Thursday night gatherings. It also includes playing each night on our annual Spring Break mission trip. Finally, and most importantly, it involves eating a lot of Cookout.


This team is about serving behind the scenes. There are a lot of small details that people don’t see that go into the spring break mission trip, including finding ministries to partner with, learning all the ins and the outs of the city and making sure everyone on the trip is fed. There are 6 spots on this team, each with specific roles. People on this team should have a heart for missions but also a heart for creating environments for others to encounter the Lord. Commitment to the cause is necessary because long hours of matching leaders, placing groups, and many other things take place over the course of the year. This team is a place to see the Lord do immeasurably more than you can ask and take no credit because our God is awesome!


Freshman Outreach

Like all other campus missions teams, Freshman Outreach is an evangelical team but that may look a little differently than what you think. As the name suggests, our target “mission field” is freshmen. Freshman year is an influential time in most of our lives as we no longer have our parents dictating most of our decisions or moves in life. For a lot of people, it is a year of darkness and loneliness leading to a feeling of not belonging. Our mission is to make freshmen feel loved and let them know that someone has their back. We put on events to help freshman meet people, make them feel loved and ultimately help them build community. Events look like passing out pancakes or hot chocolate around the dorms, going around dorms and taking out their trash, bonfires, etc. The events are to help build relationships and then we continue those outside of events. We aren’t called to just love those that are easy to love or those who are Christians so our ultimate goal is to reach those who we wouldn’t normally hang out with. The time commitment for this team honestly looks different from week to week but averages around a hour and a half to three hours a week.

Downtown Team

DT Outreach is a Campus Missions team focused on loving people where they’re at. We have been entrusted with loving a place and loving a group of people. This includes both the surrounding community of Clemson as well as students. Our main focus is loving people by turning to the Holy Spirit for guidance in forming relationships and building community with bartenders, bouncers, police officers, workers, and students. Typically, those who go downtown are looking for an escape and a moment to forget reality. Our response is to extend compassion, grace, and a love free of judgement, knowing it was only through relationship with the Lord that we were made whole and claimed that identity for ourselves. Whether it’s raining, cold, or windy, we are committed to honoring the power and presence of the Lord downtown. We invite Him in because these streets are already His and He has given us an incredible opportunity to represent Him. This team will make your faith real. The world and its enticement may get in your face, but it only grows your commitment to listening and following the Holy Spirit more and more. If you want to grow in listening and sharing the gospel in a challenging place, this is the team for you.

What serving looks like:
We meet once a week for two hours, and then serve as a team after FCA on Thursday nights and sometimes Friday nights from 11:30-2/3am. We divide in two groups: a praying group and a walking group. We offer rides, give out cookies, go into bars, and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance in talking to people and sharing the Lord’s love. We also do worship nights on the 4th floor of the DT parking deck.
For those that are under 21, you commit to loving and praying for workers during the day. For those that are over 21, you commit to praying for the bars and stepping into them with boldness. On this team, you commit to loving downtown Clemson and whoever finds themselves there.


The Evangelism team is a family of friends that is centered in the place of worship and prayer.  Our team throughout the year has fought for remaining in the place of worship before anything else.  What that looks like is having a time to worship during our planning meetings, as well as a time of diving into the Word together.  We meet once a week for planning and team building purposes, every other week we meet to do outreach on campus, and once a week for morning prayer.  Campus outreach for the evangelism team includes meeting to pray and asking the Lord to highlight students or faculty on campus. We would go where the Lord leads and talk to students about Jesus and build friendship with the people we met on campus.  A lot of the time this looked like praying for people, praying for healing on the spot, or simply encouraging who we met. We had an amazing opportunity to do door-to-door outreach one Saturday in non-student apartment complexes in the Clemson and Seneca area.   This was a great way to meet new people.

Greek Outreach

Fraternity Outreach

The Fraternity Outreach team’s goal is to foster and pursue men in Fraternities that want to know more about Christ or be strengthened in their walk. Each member of this team is expected to work in their personal network and encourage the men in their fraternities. Be a helping hand and a good friend. It is hard pursuing the Lord faithfully, let alone openly, in fraternities, this team is there to encourage you when you face this difficulty. This is more than just being a follower of Christ, this is about being a faithful friend. Get meals, bring to FCA, give a ride to church, and be there when they need it.

Sorority Outreach

Sorority Outreach exists to love women well on Clemson’s campus. Members of this team are expected to be continuously praying over their community and Greek life at large as a group and individually. They support the sorority chaplains through encouragement, support at their meetings, prayer, and the planning of event opportunities for sorority small groups. There are already plenty of divisive labels within Greek life and between that community and others on campus, Sorority Outreach aims to bring women together as Christian sisters and seek unity within the body of Christ. This team serves all sororities: Panhellenic, NPHC, service, Christian, multicultural, etc.

International Outreach

International team, like any campus missions team is a commitment to relationship building. It is more than meetings once a week–it is a personal commitment to invest in international students throughout your week. The heart behind the team is that there are students from all over the world that are here at Clemson’s campus (right at our front door) that don’t know Jesus. A lot of international students come here and never really get welcomed into the “Clemson family.” This team is an effort to extend arms to international students through game nights (playing board games together), sharing meals together, going to events from different ethnic groups on campus, hiking trips on the weekends, etc… I think I can speak for the whole team when I say that we are blessed beyond belief by international students as well–it’s definitely a two way street!

Community Outreach

This team is about living on mission while here at Clemson. So often we are blind to the people that exist outside of our little “college bubble”, but there is brokenness in this community, even just a mile away from campus. This team is centered on seeing the beauty in the brokenness through working to build relationships and serve those around us in places like local foster homes, animal shelters, nursing homes, and soup kitchens. Those on this team would be expected to serve with open hearts, will be challenged by being faced with difficult situations, and will be pushed outside of their comfort zones. By committing to this team you will be expected to serve once every 2 weeks and help put on a large-scale community outreach event once a semester. In joining this team, be prepared to have the Lord radically change your heart and mind towards service, all while making some amazing friends!

Bridge Outreach

Bridge Outreach team is dedicated to loving on the bridge students and treating them like not only the Clemson family we are all apart of, but God’s family and Kingdom. Bridge Outreaches main goal is to create relationships with Bridge students and be their friend first and foremost! Through this we foster those relationships, love on them, and spread the name of Jesus as much as we can through that program. This year being the first year of a Bridge Outreach team, it’s main focus was events. These ranged from cocoa and cram (hot chocolate and a study area), devotional on the dykes, passing out goody bags with candy to promote FCA, finals encouragement, etc. A member of this team is expected to attend weekly meetings to dive into the word, plan events and throw out ideas, and have fun!! (duh) #rushBridgemaNu

Athletic Outreach

The purpose of Athletic Outreach is to love and serve the athletes, coaches, and all whom they influence here on Clemson’s campus. We want to invest in individuals and teams as a whole. We want to be vessels carrying the Gospel to help fill up Christian athletes who can then pour back out to their teams. We also want to be very intentional in presenting the Gospel to non-believing athletes at every opportunity that we have. Much of this can be accomplished through the new Athlete Bible Study, called Battleground. Also, this should look like each person of the Athletic Outreach team dedicating time out of their week to pray for and get lunch with, study with, disciple athletes.


The purpose of the connections team is to make community and access to the gospel of Jesus Christ as simple and beautiful as possible. The Lord has designed us each uniquely with individual gifts that we can use for His glory and for His name to be spread among this organization, this campus, and the nations. We keep people informed of everything going on in FCA through social media, our website, our blog for recaps of the messages each week, and our weekly email. The graphics that you see are made by people well-versed in all things Adobel; we have even implemented a new branding plan this year! We also have gifted photographers and videographers that are present at events & Thursday nights to capture the people, the life of our ministry. The welcome team leader is within our team, as well, which has been so fruitful! We meet each week, but our meetings are more just a small group layout sharing life and community with one another. If you have a heart for people and want to serve with no recognition in something that God has gifted you to do –whether it’s making someone feel like the most important person in the room, photography, videography, Adobe and graphic design, website design and WordPress, or writing, you should use that gift to the glory of the Lord & sign up to serve for the Connections team!

Welcome Team

Welcome team was made to do simply what it says, welcome people. It’s to have people set aside, with their hearts set on making all who come to FCA feel as though they are home and comfortable; no matter if that person is a Christian, non-believer, or anything in between. The world does a really good job of attaching to us and weighing us down and the welcome team focuses on engaging people in a way where they can leave those things behind, and go into communion with God or maybe even meet him for the first time. Welcome to FCA!


The prayer and encouragement team exists to be a group of people solely devoted towards praying for the campus of Clemson, the ministry of FCA, and each other! On Thursday nights at FCA we meet before FCA begins and pray for the night, and then wear glow bands on our wrists to be a clearly visible resource for people who need prayer, or just someone to talk to. Aside from our Thursday night meetings, we also meet once a week to talk about what the Lord is doing in our lives, putting on our hearts to pray about, and we spend time in group prayer/worship. It’s not very task oriented or hands on, but it will push your prayer life and reliance on the holy spirit so much. Ultimately our purpose is to align our hearts with the Lord’s and seek to love, care for, and pray into those things- all for Him and His glory! It’s a sweeeeet fam. #rushP&E


The purpose of the finance team is to be good stewards of the money the Lord has blessed FCA with. The main areas that the finance team has responsibility over to achieve this purpose is fundraising, merchandise, and support letters. Fundraising opportunities the finance team was able to be apart of this year included running the football concessions stand, organizing group fundraising for the mission trip, and hosting our first annual FCA Gala! The finance team also serves alongside the connections team with designing and selling all FCA merchandise like the fall and spring shag shirts, stickers, and sweatshirt. But do not fear, you need no finance skills or experience to serve on this team! If you enjoy behind the scenes work, serving closely with a small group of people, and want to learn and grow in your trust in the Lord, then the finance team is for you!


Small groups are a source of community, comfort, friends, and fellowship in the midst of the busy nature of college. As a women’s small group leader you will have a co-leader in which y’all will create a welcoming environment for a group of girls. Some logistical responsibilities include preparing for group each week which can be a book in the Bible, a great novel, blogs, or podcasts. Small group leaders facilitate community outside once a week by meeting with girls one-on-one, organizing ways the group can hang out together etc. Above all else, a small group leader seeks The Lord above all else and serves their girls out of overflow of the love Jesus has for us.


As a men’s small group leader, you have the awesome opportunity to allow the Lord to use you in shaping and creating new leaders for His Kingdom. Much like women’s small groups, you will have a co-leader to lead alongside of you. As a team, the two of you will work, pray, and seek the Lord together so that you can pour out your knowledge of Christ into others. This involves planning Bible-centered studies that could include a book of the Bible, podcasts, or even topical things such as your identity in Christ, prayer, and even harder but relevant topics to speak on such as lust. Taking time once out of your work to hold these meetings and plan requires mass communication between the leaders of the group. It is also extremely beneficial to grab the football and spikeball set and head out to Bowman to spend some quality time and get to know your guys individually and each one of their backgrounds so that you better know how to communicate with them. Men are meant to lead as Jesus led, and becoming a small group leader could be your first step of obedience in leading.

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