“The more I step out with Jesus the more He calls me out!” If you missed FCA on Thursday night you missed out! Kristin Avery from Choose to Invest Missions was will us and shared a massage on the importance of LOVE! Whether you just want a refresher, or were not able to join us, here is a recap of what Kristin shared with us.

Scripture: 1 John 4:7-19

The main point: What would it look like to love God with our whole heart? Kristin presented a challenge to us, the idea that before we show the love of God to those around us, we must first receive to love of God! “Love did not start with me, it started with God. If I want to love others well, then I need to receive the love of God!”

Kristin opened with a quote from Mother Theresa, “Do small things with great love.” One of the best ways to share Jesus with those around us is by loving them well! Before we can love others well, we must be loved by God. This sounds like a given if you have a relationship by Him! This is true, God is always there and always loving you. It is our job to open up and accept that love. We have to give every distraction and everything we are holding on to to God so there is room for His love.

There is nothing you can bring to God that He did not give to you. This is because God is lacking in nothing, He is self-sufficient. We have to stop thinking of Him as an Earthly father, one who makes mistakes. But instead remember that our heavenly father is perfect in all ways and that His love is perfect.

“His love is being perfected in us” How incredibly awesome is that!? By accepting God’s love we are saying yes to a life of abundance. We do not have to wait till heaven to experience this type of love, we have it here and now! The only reason we are still on earth is to praise the Lord and share that love with the nations. His love is an overflow of the abundant life.

The best thing we can do for God is what He has already given us, love. Love Him well and with our whole hearts. Let Him love us and use the overflow of His love to show love to others. At some point in our life our love for others will run dry. We will fail. The great news is that God’s love never fails and will never run dry! We can use the overflow of His love to show others love, even when we are struggling. Oswald Chambers asked this challenging question,  “Are you more committed to the cause of Jesus Christ than you are to Jesus Himself?” If you strip away religion and rules, Jesus is love.

In our weakness His power is made perfect! We were not made for a white picket fence life, we were made to life a life that is wrecked by God and then carried out for God! We have to fight every day for the life of abundance, to remind ourselves that we were made for more!

Kristin closed with this powerful statement, “ Know that you are loved, a love that cannot be kept from you. Let God love you and let everything else be an overflow.”

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