“In the beginning…”

This Thursday, we had the pleasure of hearing truth spoken from Stephen Splawn of the South Carolina Baptist Convention in Columbia.

The premise of Splawn’s words can be summarized by this “To question creation is to question His love.”

Splawn dove into the creation story and the implications of it on each one of us. And this creations story implies this and this alone: God loves us enough to make a way for us to be with Him through a savior. How do we know this? On the third day of creation, God made trees—the very thing that would be carved and carried by our savior upon the day of His death. The death that would bring us LIFE. If this doesn’t convey love from day one, then I don’t know what would. The key points Splawn made when going through the creation story are:

1. God knew THEN what would happen—He wasn’t surprised when Adam and Eve sinned

2. He created us despite knowing what we would do

3. He knew YOU and loved YOU and knew that you would need HIM

Like a parent loves a child, God knows that we are going to make mistakes, yet no matter how badly we turn our backs on Him, He loves us and desired a relationship with us enough to create us despite knowing we would turn away.

So next time you doubt your self-worth, read Genesis 1 and understand the implications of it on just how much the Father loves you.

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