“We are clothed in a Jesus costume, clothed in Jesus’s blood to have forgiveness and blessing we don’t deserve.”  Jon Ludovina from Midtown Fellowship was with us on Thursday night and shared some great reminders and challenges about Christ centered relationships.  Whether you just want a refresher, or were not able to join us, here is a recap of what Jon shared with us.

Scripture: Genesis 27-30 (Jacob, Rachel, Leah, and Laban)

Jon read from Genesis 27-30. It tells the story of Jacob, stealing his father’s blessing from his twin Esau, and his struggle with relationships and marriage. Sometimes this story is made out to be a biblical fairy tale. That is not true, instead it is a warning against lust, obsession, and unhealthy relationships.   

What is romance idolatry? When we elevate, worship, or focus more on a relationship than we do God. When we try and fill a void in our life with a relationship or sex, when really only God can fill that void. Jon gave us three points to focus on during his message.

1. Romance idolatry is rooted in insecurity

We are under the misconception that a romance, sex, or relationship can give us approval or acceptance. Some of your parents have mistreated us or have not loved us unconditionally. This can create insecurities in us. We are constantly searching to fix those insecurities and to feel whole. Sin creates this feeling of worthlessness and incompleteness as well. Sexual acts and relationships will never be able to fix us. Only the love of God, His grace, and His forgiveness can help us feel complete. God bases His love on Jesus’ purity not our purity! How awesome is that! We have not earned forgiveness or love, but God gives it to us based on the purity of His son covering our sins and imperfections.           

2. Romance idolatry makes you do crazy things

Our society has romanticized crazy gestures and proposed this idea that everyone of us as a solemate or has to find “the one.” None of this is biblically based. If you keep your eyes and thoughts focused on Jesus, He will show you His perfect plan for your relationships and life.

     3. Romance idolatry blinds us and never delivers on its promises

The bottom line is that sexual sins will never satisfy and that relationships, specifically marriage, are a magnifying glass for sins and insecurities. Jacob put on a “Esau costume” to get a blessing from his father he did not deserve, we do the same. We put on a Jesus costume, meaning we are covered by the blood of Jesus, to receive a blessing from our Father that we do not deserve. Instead of seeing our mistakes, sins, and impurities, God only sees the blood of Christ that covers us!       

Jon concluded the night by asking us three thought provoking questions. Take a look at these again and be honest with yourself while answering.

  1. Am I the right person for someone to be dating?
  2. Are they the right person for someone to be dating?
  3. Am I putting my Romance idolatry to death at the foot of the cross?
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