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This week, we had Rod Reid with us. Here’s a recap of his message!

Scripture: Ephesians 1:17-19

Mr. Reid shared about the three things that this passage touches on: our calling, promises, and power.

  1. Calling (Galatians 4:7)

Our calling is not something specific that we have to do, like we so often think. We are called to BE. First and foremost, God is calling us to be his sons or daughters. The great invitation He is offering us it to have an intimate relationship with our heavenly father. Because of that, our significance rests only in Him and His goodness. What an encouragement!

Mr. Reid also shared some wisdom for those of us looking for jobs soon. He said that because of this calling that we have, any company we might be in is a mission sending company. They are paying us to be there and to be a son or daughter of God within their company. God has a plan far greater for all of us than just getting a paycheck. We can then be at rest in who God made us to be and stop worrying about what we need to be doing.

“If you’re truly free to be, then you don’t have to worry about doing.”

  1. Promises (Luke 4:3)

God promises so many things to us. He promises that through Him we are overcomers, we are a blessing, we are a new creation, we are God’s masterpiece, and we are His child. When we don’t know or don’t remember these promises, we’re open to the lies of the enemy. Satan will always challenge us around our identity, which is why we desperately need to remember it. We must know our inheritance–when Jesus was tempted by Satan in Luke, he knew his inheritance and promises, and was able to withstand him. We are often in a place of struggle and we need to know that God is good and that we are loved unconditionally. If we remember that, we can make it through hard times and withstand temptations.

  1. Power–His ability (Matthew 17:20)

Finally, we must trust God’s strength. If we will only trust him, nothing will be impossible to us. His Word is filled with promises we can hold onto during struggles, and we have to trust it.

“Grab onto his great power and trust He’ll work on your behalf.”


God loves you and wants to help you in your difficult moments. Remember that your identity and your calling is found only in being God’s child, remember the promises He has made to you in His Word, and trust in His power. Rest in all of that, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

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