Lately I have been truly in love with the concept of seasons. I love how the trees change colors, how the leaves fall, how the grass dies, yet spring comes and life is here again. I feel like lately there have been many different things that the Lord is trying to teach me through the one simple concept of seasons.


The Lord in His constant goodness reminds me when times get hard that this precious time in my life is simply just a season. He has goodness and blessings in store for me in this season and I can’t simply wish it away. On the other hand, sometimes the transition between each season in life is tough. Our worlds seem to get thrown upside down as we venture into a new journey. We think, “How am I supposed to graduate and leave Clemson in a few months?” “There’s no way I can move to a foreign country for a semester to study abroad.” “How can I truly be in a relationship or be single right now in my life?” We get anxious. We get scared. We become fearful. We freeze. When one little thing changes in our life, we search for consistency. And this is where the Lord comes begging for us to allow for Him to be the anchor in our lives.


“Like the frost on a rose. Winter comes for us all. Oh how nature acquaints us with the nature of patience. Like a seed in the snow, I’ve been buried to grow. For your promise is loyal from seed to sequoia.” – Seasons// Hillsong Worship


When we build our life upon a dream, upon our grades, upon a relationship, or upon anything of this world, one subtle change to it all and we are left destroyed. And that is not what our Father wants for His children. He has SO much growth for each of us in each season, yet if we don’t build our life upon the foundation of our Lord, then when seasons change, we won’t experience growth, we will instead be left crumbled. Jesus cares about what we care about and He wants us to build our lives on top of Him so that when (not “if”) we fail our whole life wont collapse because we are being held up by stronger arms than our own.


It is truly better for us as children of God to make sure that Jesus is NOT just an aspect in our lives, but rather that He serves as our anchor in this life. The Lord does not want to compete with something that He created for your worship. And I just feel like a lot of us are held captive by the things in this life that truly do serve as our foundation and without even realizing they receive our daily worship. We are held captive by our grades—“if I get one bad grade, then man I am just failing at all of life.” We are held captive by our dreams—“I am only focused on accomplishing this dream that if anything were to mess it up then my life is over.” We are held captive by our relationships – “I honestly am not sure of what life was like before him/her but I think I would be extremely lost if something were to happen.”


Our identities have been found within the things of this world THAT WILL FAIL US IN TIME. It’s crazy when I type that out and actually think about it. This world is corrupted by sin and yet we cling to things that are promised to fail us at some point in time instead of clinging to the cross – the hill of Calvary where grace and freedom were given to us and promises were actually fulfilled.

Living a life in freedom is a form of worship to our Father. We were created for worship and called to live in freedom; we have been set apart for the gospel. When we say, “You know what God? You are no longer just an aspect of my life. Rather, you can have my life,” we welcome ourselves into the sweetest form of freedom that this life can possibly offer as we simply soar under the wings of our gracious Father.


“I can see the promise, I can see the future. You’re the God of seasons; I’m just in the winter. If all I know of harvest is that it’s worth my patience, then if You’re not done working then God I’m not done waiting.” – Seasons// Hillsong Worship


Do not count yourself out. Jesus is still working on you. If you’re beaten down by all the change in your life and are simply just staring at the ground where all your crumbled pieces of lost hope lay— I point you to the cross, sweet friend. Please stop trying to be a perfect version of yourself and wear yourself out by picking up all the pieces alone. You are not called to do this life alone… God wants you and He wants to help you. He loves you. Lay your pride down and simply tell the Father you need His help through each and every season of this life. You won’t find a God who is angry or a God who is eager to punish, but instead you will find a Father who’s ready to bring you home. God could have simply saved His children through any means possible that He wanted to, yet He sent His only son to be crushed and killed in order that He may rescue us. Why would He do that? What hung in the balance?


You did.


You hung in the balance. This is the beauty of the gospel. God wants your life and He is nowhere near done with you. Even when your seed grows and your tree is planted, He still has more in store for you. His goodness is constant, and His mercies are forever. Make our Father the anchor in your life today and see His steady faithfulness and overwhelming persistence through each season that this life brings.


“And when I finally see my tree, still I believe there’s a season to come…” – Seasons// Hillsong Worship


Thanks to Grant Patrick for delivering such an awesome message that we all needed to hear last Thursday! We can’t wait to see you all again next Thursday at 9:19!

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