Last week at FCA, Will Plonk from Grace Church joined us! In case you missed his talk about prayer, below are some things we can continue to reflect on throughout our week:

How do we view prayer? Is it something that is our last resort? Do we only pray in times of need? Do we pray in a way that is honoring to God? These questions are very important for us to consider because our prayer life is the infallible test of our spiritual integrity and our relationship with God. 

  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Matthew 6
    • The Lord’s Prayer is a model of how we should approach God in prayer and how we should pray
    • “Our Father who is in Heaven” – God is our Father and He is set apart
      • Prayer is more about getting a relationship God himself than what we can get out of Him
      • The first part of the way we approach prayer has to do with our relationship with God and the second part has to do with our recognition of His holiness
    • “Hallowed (Holy) be your name”- may your name be kept holy
      • Acknowledging that God is above us and that He is completely other than us generates a healthy fear of God as well as awe of who He is
      • When we start prayer we have to ask God’s name into our hearts and ask that His name be kept holy; this helps affront our spiritual arrogance
    • “Your kingdom come, your will be done”
      • We must pray for God’s will to be done rather than for the will we want to happen
      • Ultimately, what we desire drifts us away from God and left to ourselves we will speak only to a God that we like hearing 
      • A good way to combat spiritual arrogance and to pray for God’s will is by praying through scripture
      • Understanding who God is has everything to do with how we view our circumstances and how we live our lives
    • “Give us this day our daily bread”
      • God’s disposition towards us is to give us the things that we need; when we are in need we can labor in prayer knowing that God will provide for us
      • If He is not providing something then maybe we don’t really need what we think we want
    • “Forgive us our sins”
      • It is such a sweet reality that we don’t have to petition for God to forgive us of our sins, all we have to do is ask Him to
      • God’s natural disposition towards us is to move towards us when we sin, not away from us
      • We need to learn confession and repentance in order to experience the intimacy with God that He allows to be available to us
    • “Lead us not to temptation”
      • We must pray that God would give us the strength to withstand temptation because the world we live in is naturally bent towards destruction
  • Psalm 42
    • We have to move to God, our Father, because we have a need for intimacy with Him
    • We must learn to simply experience God for who He is through our prayer life
    • There can be so much joy that comes through communicating with God through prayer, but it does take time and it takes discipline, confession, and submission to His will.

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to check out our Spotify (clemsonfca) for everything we are signing right now. See you Thursday at 9:19!

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