We as Christians may believe in the gospel, but do we fully understand the goodness of the Gospel? Last Thursday, Blake Comer came to FCA and shared with us the tendencies and assumptions that we usually place upon the gospel and then covered those false accusations with beautiful truth that you didn’t want to miss! So below are some key points that were made and we would love for you to check them out!

  • Sometimes we relate to God like He’s a class that we need to pass and the harder we work the better our grade will be.
    • We try to earn God’s grace and approval.
  • We believe that attendance affects our grades
    • Perhaps if we can just get back to church or FCA or our small groups, then God will love us more or maybe He will just start loving us again.
  • We believe that studying is going to affect our grades.
    • Maybe if I spend more time in prayer with God or if I dedicate more time to my quiet time with the Lord, then He will approve of me.
  • But here is the goodness of the gospel: God is not a class that we have to pass, our God is a Father.
    • God’s love and approval of you is not dependent on a thing.
    • When we believe that His opinion depends on our performance, we are strapping a weight to us that we cannot possibly carry.
    • God’s approval for you is not tied to holy living.
  • The Gospel is a gift that has been given to every single one of us.
    • God made Jesus to take all of our sin and placed His entire wrath, which should be directed towards us, on a man that knew no sin.
    • Jesus has taken away our filthy records, and we have been given His.
    • When God looks at you, He does not see your brokenness, your imperfections, or your sin. Our Father sees a daughter and a son, He sees the perfection of Jesus in us.
    • His love for us is not dependent on a thing; it is all in the finished work of Jesus.

Take this gift and rest in this peace, but don’t stop putting forth effort in your walk with the Lord. We just simply must check to see what our motivating effort is. Are we motivated from a sense that we can earn God’s love or are we motivated by the goodness of the gospel? We must be motivated to put forth effort because of God’s great love for us and so that we can connect with Him. We don’t have to commune with the God of the universe, but rather we get to be in His presence because of the finished work of the cross. The Gospel is not opposed to effort; the Gospel is opposed to earning. We have been made a new creation through the redeeming blood of Christ and have a gift of everlasting love from our Heavenly Father. How are you going to let the goodness of the Gospel motivate you this week?


Thank you for reading! We hope to see you next Thursday night at 9:19!

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