We did things a little differently this week…

Our first ever Unity Panel with Santes Beatty, Dante Stewart, and Beth Petersen allowed us to dive into questions like:

1. What are some cultural realities of the church and how do we move beyond “hyper-segregated” communities characterized by individualism and materialism?

2. Define biblical unity (with scripture). How does the Bible portray what the church should look like (and what the kingdom of Heaven is going look like)?

3. What can we learn from Jesus’ life in regards to embracing diversity and the gifts of various cultures?

4. What does the Bible really say about women in the church and are they considered a minority? Can and should a woman lead at all levels of the church?

5. How can our parishes and our worship welcome cultural diversity and be more representative of the cultural diversity that is part of our Church and society?

6. What are the opportunities and blessings enjoyed as a result of racial diversity?

in order to create a conversation about unity and diversity in the church. So, instead of a traditional recap, here’s a compilation of resources to learn more about these topics.




Refuting Objections to the Church Ordaining Women (Ben Wayman)

Why Women Must Learn in Quietness and Submission: Xenophon of Ephesus and 1 Timothy 2 (Gary Hoag)

N.T. Wright on Women in Ministry 5

Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church by N. T. Wright

Think: The Church, The Truth & Women in Ministry


Women in Ministry

Women in Ministry Leadership

Emily P. Freeman – Blog

Yes, Churches Need Women Who Teach, Lead and Preach


The Junia Project

CBE International

If you missed out on our Unity Panel, but are hoping for answers to some of the above questions – check out all of these resources or keep an eye out Thursday’s recap video (it’ll be up soon!). Have more questions? Shoot us an email here, we’ll try to answer or direct you to a resource!

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