Last Thursday, Miguel Chavis shared part of his testimony and brought a great message for us at FCA!

As I am sure some of us have discovered before, Miguel talked about the fact that by the world’s standards, having faith is not a “cool” thing and that here at Clemson in the community that we have it really is not that difficult to claim to be a Christian.  According to the world, if you follow Jesus then you are foolish, and there is going to be a point in each of our lives where we have to answer the question, “am I willing to be a fool for Jesus?” Below are some reasons that Miguel proposed to us to help us understand why the answer to that question should always be, “yes.”

1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Why should you be a fool for Jesus?

  1. Because the gospel is the foolishness of God and the power of God
    • How can the gospel be both of these things?
      • The cross is both salvation and judgement, and depending on how we respond to it determines whether it is going to be our salvation or our judgement
      • In the same way, the gospel can either be categorized as foolish to those who don’t believe or as the amazing power and authority that God has and allows those who do believe in Him to be a part of
      • There is no middle ground, we either choose to believe in the power of God or we find the gospel to be foolish by the world’s standards
  2. The foolishness of God is wiser than men and the wisdom of God is stronger than men (1 Corinthians 1:22-23)
    • Some people refuse to believe in Jesus and think they know better and are wiser than God
    • There are three groups of people: I can’t believe in Him, I don’t believe in Him (I am better than Him), and those who are called by Him
    • There are two types of calls (Isaiah 45)
      • The general call- as Christians we participate in the general call and spread the message of the gospel for everyone to hear
      • The effectual call- the effectual call occurs in those chosen by God to have faith through the power of the Holy spirit working inside of their hearts to give them faith to believe in Jesus; when we hear the effectual call and come to faith, God takes on the role of our Father
        • Because God is the person that calls, we should not be hindered in sharing the gospel, we should be encouraged because it is not up to us whether those who hear it receive it and believe, it is up to God to do that work through the Holy Spirit
  3. The gospel provides hope for the lowly, the weak, and the common (1 Corinthians 1:26-29)
    • The foolishness of the gospel provides hope for the lowly, the weak, and the common
    • It is not the wise, the wealthy, or the strong that the gospel preaches to save
    • God saves those of us that are weak and humble, and because of that we cannot boast in anything we have done for it is not through our work but through God’s work that we are saved
    • Our hope comes through responding in faith to the truth that God has revealed to us
  4. When you believe in the gospel, the foolishness of God becomes the wisdom of God and things you thought were ridiculous or impossible you have faith that they can happen through the power of God

So, the question still remains, are you willing to be a fool for Jesus and preach the message of the gospel no matter how foolish it seems by the world’s standard?


Thanks for reading The Juice, we will see you again this Thursday at 9:19!

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