Last week at FCA Jon Ludovina from Midtown Fellowship in Columbia, SC joined us! Whether you were at FCA or not, check out the points below for some key takeaways and questions to think about from Jon’s talk:

John 6:  The pattern of disappointment doubt

  • Just like the crowd in this text, oftentimes we turn to Jesus not to get more of Him, but to get something for ourselves
  • Over the course of this passage, the crowd of people changed from adoring Jesus (verse 14) to abandoning Him (verse 41), which is something we do to Jesus too
    • The only thing that changed for the people is that Jesus did not give them what they wanted when they wanted it
    • This is the pattern of disappointment doubt
  • Disappointment doubt starts by questioning God when life isn’t going the way you want it to which can lead you to disbelieving in who Jesus is
  • The people in the passage moved from adoring to abandoning Jesus when He never changed, the only thing that changed for them was their circumstances when their lives got harder
    • Jesus not giving them what they want turned into theological questioning which turned them into people who walked away from Jesus
  • We are living in an age of authenticity where the culture preaches the idea that “your happiness and fulfillment is the most important thing at any cost” which leads to the false gospel of self fulfillment
  • We are submerged in a hyper reality (because of social media and advertising) all of the time which is making us a discontent and miserable people
  • The message of Christianity is being misconstrued as “come to church, be a Christian, and your life will be perfect”
    • But Christianity is about desiring Jesus more than anything else
    • “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will not hunger. He who believes in me will never thirst”- John 6:35
    • Jesus says that He came not primarily to give bread, but to be the bread of life for us
  • Jesus demands supremacy in your life
    • When Jesus says for us to come follow Him, He is asking for us to have open hands to everything else in our life and to simply cling tightly to Him
    • The only thing Jesus promises to give you is Himself
    • He is asking to be our Lord, not something that we use and throw to the side when we don’t need anymore


Questions to Consider

  • Are you loving and following Jesus or do you just use Him to get good things from Him?
  • Do you see Jesus as useful or beautiful?
  • Would you give up everything to just have Jesus?
  • Would you lay your dreams down to have Jesus and what He has in store for you?
  • Would heaven still be heaven for you if Jesus wasn’t there?

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