WELCOME BACK! This past week has been packed full: moving in, classes starting, first week events, and meeting many new people. One of the highlights for me was the first FCA on Thursday in the baseball stadium. What an awesome time to worship our Lord and for fellowship with new and old friends! Whether you just want a refresher, or were not able to join us, here is a recap of what Brad Jones, from Passion in ATL, shared with us.

Scripture: John 21:20-25

The main point: Be vulnerable with yourself, with others, but most importantly with God, because you follow HIM. Your worth does not come from other people of this world, or  comparing yourself to others, but instead is found only in your relationship with the Lord.

Each one of us is uniquely and wonderfully made by God for a specific purpose designed by Him. Brad read from John 21:20, which in my Bibles translation is titled “Jesus and the Beloved Apostle.” These verses show us some of Peter’s doubts. He is so concerned with what John is doing that he is completely missing Jesus’s plan for him. Jesus knows the importance of Peter, the churches he will help develop, the people for will reach for the Lord, and that he will ultimately give his life for his faith. Yet, in this moment Peter is not focused. Jesus reminds him on this by asking “ If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!” (v. 22). My big take away from this verse is “You follow Me.” We do not follow the people of this world for even other believers, we follow the one true King, who knows our plan and purpose.

In today’s world and in our current stage of life it is very easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and care too much about how other people view us. We ask if we are good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough. None of these things matter if you are relying on God for His guidance. Peter denied Jesus three times, yet Jesus still loved him. He still had a plan for Peter and wanted him and had a place for him. He does the same for us. No matter how many times we stray or mess up, Jesus will always call us back to Him. Through asking for forgiveness and seeking His will, God will show us how He can use us for His glory in ways we could never imagine.

Brad closed the message with three points for us to remember.

1. Choose to trust

  • Give God your plans/ hopes/ life goals
  • God’s plan will always prevail, even if we do not understand
  • Our plans do not compare to His
  • His plans and thoughts are higher

2. Stay focused

  • Do not measure your worth and value based on other people
  • If you worry about someone else you are not focusing on YOUR relationship with God
  • We are not multi-taskers, only God can multi-task

3. “You follow me”  

  • You are a dearly loved child of God
  • We do not have to earn His approval or impress Him  
  • His grace is enough
  • Nothing is too much for God to handle
  • He has a beautiful and meaningful purpose for your life (Ephesians 2:10)



Go out into our campus and be used by Him!

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