Miguel Chavis came and spoke at FCA this past Thursday, and man did he have some wisdom to share with us! I have to say, as much as I love FCA, this Thursday meant more than usual because I know just how wise Miguel is from when he came and spoke last spring. He talked about how his wife helped him meet Jesus as a senior in college here at Clemson, and how he was really going down a path so distant from Christ. So when I heard it was him who was coming this week, I immediately knew that incredible truth was about to reach our campus. Here’s a recap of what he talked about this past Thursday:

Miguel focused around the parable of the Prodigal Son and how God has this incredible, scandalous grace for us. This story can be found in Luke 15. Jesus is sitting at dinner with tax collectors, the ostracized and hated of the community. Sinners. The least of these. The furthest from religion. Along come the Pharisees, the most religious people, and they scoff and rebuke Jesus because he is eating with sinners. And the big question is WHY? Why would Jesus be sitting and eating with them? Jesus then uses 3 parables to explain to both the tax collectors and the Pharisees.

Now I’ll let you pull out your bible or open a little google tab to read the story of the Prodigal Son, because there is power in reading it for yourself. It’s Luke 15:11-32. But Miguel pointed out three main ideas to gather from the passage

      1. The Father’s grace for giving you up

He didn’t have to let his son go. He chose to let him go and find what he thinks will satisfy him, knowing that really all the son needs is to find the love of the Father. The pleasures of the world will only last so long. Letting him go and figure this out wasn’t negligence on the Father’s end, it was him saying “have it, but I know better than you”.

     2. He has grace to come and get you

This Father we have is a father who RUNS to us when he sees us of in the distance. After we have left him and sinned against him, he runs to us with grace and love that is pure and physical. He delights in having us back home. This is the grace that he has for each on of us. We will never be righteous enough to not need this scandalous grace.

      3. The grace of the father invites you in

In regard to the salty older brother, Miguel says this ”whether you’re dirty or clean, he loves you just the same”. He doesn’t need your legalism or your performance, He wants your relationship.

This is the scandalous grace our Father has for us, that wherever we are He is looking for us to come home, waiting to run and draw us in, or to go outside during the party and invite us in to the wild celebration of grace. Dang, that’s awesome.

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