This week, Clemson FCA had the opportunity to hear from Brad Cooper from Newspring Church who spoke on one of the “mega-themes” of the Bible known as the Last Supper. During his time speaking to us, Cooper wanted to “teach not preach” about the history of the Last Supper and the important role it plays in explaining just how incredible the grace of the cross is. With a replica of the last supper displayed on stage, Cooper began by explaining to us what he learned in a History of Judaism class back when he was a freshman at Furman University.


The first thing he learned was that the Last Supper described in Matthew 26 where Jesus is sharing a meal with His disciple’s just before his death was actually a long standing ritual that the Jews had been practicing every year to remember what God had done for His people by keeping his promises to them. What were those promises exactly? Well, that leads to the second thing Cooper discovered in his freshman year Judaism class at Furman University—the fact that the Passover meal consisted of four glasses of wine, one for each of the promises God made to His people. God said “I will…” four times and kept those promises for each of them.

These four promises are:

1. I will take you out of Egypt (cup of salvation)

2. I will deliver you from Egyptian Slavery (cup of freedom)

3. I will I will redeem you (cup of redemption)

4. And I will take you to be my people, and I will be your God (cup of praise)

Now, the third thing that Cooper learned was the very thing that put all the pieces together about the Passover meal and the significance of it. This was that Jesus didn’t partake of the fourth cup, but stopped at the third. And when he does this, he says “This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you.” The meaning of this is that we are no longer under a covenant of law but a covenant of grace. The Father made a way for there to be redemption with the final sacrifice of His Son! Once the third cup has been taken, the cup of redemption, the fourth cup is now consumed which represents the cup of praise of what God has done to make a way for us to not only be saved, but also free and redeemed by the blood of Jesus!


Not only does God offer to save us in an instant, but he offers freedom from slavery of addiction, pornography, depression, etc. And this is not freedom because it is the absence of these things, but rather it is the PRESENCE of someone—the Father, YOUR Father, who loves and has made a way to be with you through the sacrifice of His Son. He has not only saved you from something, but has saved you FOR something—a life of abundance and purpose. So today, drink of these cups and dwell in the truths of what the Father has done for you.

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