This week in the amphitheatre Brad Jones from Passion City Church delivered a convicting message of how a lot of us are currently living a life based on a counterfeit gospel and need to fearlessly put our faith in the true gospel.

Many of us have gone to church for so many years and heard the same message over and over, so the gospel has begun to grow numb to us and we often miss its true meaning in our hearts. We may be tricked into thinking that we are living our faith by surrounding ourselves in it and doing all the “right” things but not fully investing ourselves in it.


In Romans 1:16 Paul exclaims, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”


We all have things that we are unashamed of whether it be our school’s football team, our sorority, our family, etc. So what does it take to get the point of being in such awe of Jesus and living in the way that Paul did? If we believe that we have to do good enough things and work to earn God’s favor, we are living the fake gospel. It shouldn’t be about us doing work for God, but us doing work because we already have his favor. In actuality, the gospel isn’t about what we’ve done to get to God but what God has done to come down to us. We will never be in a position to boast no matter how many good deeds we do or choices we make.

The gospel may seem like a list of rules and baggage that we bring into social settings with fear of being judged. Instead of being a weight that we carry, it should be a firm rock that we stand on through everything that we do.


In summary, we’re all constantly looking for invitations to worldly things that we may think are important, but we’ve already by given the most glorious invitation of all, and the rest of our lives can be affected based on whether or not we accept it. God shouldn’t just be a part of our life, but a foundation for everything we do in life. All of life revolves around Him, not Him helping us get whatever we may want from Him. We flee from the counterfeit gospel when things don’t go our way, but by putting our hope in the true gospel, we will never be let down or disappointed. We have to be willing to stand out and be bold and unashamed.


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